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Who's Who

Our Matt

This page is under construction.  Please come back later to discover who everyone is in the choir. 

Kathryn Abate
Jennifer Bray
Trish Callis
Pat Dowling
June Howatt
Angela Hoskins
Veronica Jones
Shirley Lewis
Janet McCay
Annie Phillips
Sue Phillips
Janet Regan
Sue Rigby
Jenny Sanders
Emily Searle
Christine Smith
Suzanne Waide-Bull
Pam Watson
Linda Williams
Pam Yelland
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Deryn Averill
Jane Baron
Carole Carter
Dee Collins
Lesley Dibb
Anne Douglas
Marian Ferris
Chris Gray
Liz Honey
Carolyn Humphries
Lorella Jacinto
Liz Pearson1
Kathy Schumacher
Jane Stubberfield
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Jean Caddy
Rob Collins
Alan Dibb
John Dowling
Mary Phillips
Steph Shaw
Christine Thompson
Chris Warburton
Derrick Way
Charlie Whetter
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Pietro Abate
Colin Douglas
Des Honey
Tom Hotton
Dave Howatt
Steve Humphreys
Phil Randall
David Smith
Gerry Thorpe
Mike Watson
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