Our lockdown 

This page is a little record of some of the things we got up to via Zoom in lockdown.  If you have any pictures to add to our record then please email them to Jane.   


To see any of the pictures better, just double click on them.

Happy Birthday to Matt!

We made a video of us singing happy!


Very kindly compiled by Sally

We made Easter bonnets

We exercised with Janet

We learned sign language with Philomena

We quizzed with

Limericks and poems.jpg

We wrote limericks and Sue produced a book of them. 

Click on the pdf logo to have a look.


(Sorry the online version is not nearly as beautiful as the original- I did my best!)

We played bingo and had a beetle drive

We grew sunflowers as a challenge from Jenny.

We had a fancy dress evening

We dressed up and had dinner together

We had a French cheese and wine party with our friends from Brittany


We celebrated VE day

We had two cocktail hours!

We celebrated Mike's birthday


And of course, we practised!

We did funny warm up exercises!