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Here are some links to help with joining in with Zoom calls:

How to join a meeting

Getting started with IOS (iPhone or iPad)

Getting started with Android


The pictures below show where the audio and video buttons can be seen on some devices. If you are having trouble hearing on Zoom or can hear them but your picture does not show up then you need to enable audio or video.  If you cannot hear people then press the audio button.  If people can't see you press the video button. Your computer, phone or tablet may not look exactly like this but the same buttons will be available.

Please don't miss out on our online activities, if you are still having problems please email me: janestubberfield@hotmail.com.  I will then call you when you are at your computer and talk you through it and try and help where I can.  


Zoom on mac.png


Zoom on ipad arrows.PNG


Zoom on iphone arrows.PNG